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Why Symflow OEM Equivalents Separators?

Symflow OEM Equivalents Separator


The oil separation core uses Hollingsworth & Vose filter material with strong separation capability. This ensures that the oil content of the compressed air after filtration is not more than 3mg/m³ under normal working conditions. The initial pressure difference when the oil core is saturated is not more than 0.02MPa.


1. The maker of the oil separation core industry-standard, standard number: JB/T 10910-2008.

2. It is the first domestic production line to produce oil separation cores, with fast

delivery time and stable product quality.

3. Symflow is the first company to use a special winding machine to make a flat-wound

oil separation core. This production method can ensure a constant filter paper force

and uniform tightness, guaranteeing the product quality to the greatest extent.

Apureda has applied for a national patent. The patent number is 200910199024.3.

4. The first manufacturer of foldable and flat-wound composite structure oil

separation core, and applied for a national patent, patent number: ZL 200620043249.1

5. The central grid of the oil separation core adopts the most advanced spiral central

grid technology at present. The width of the central spiral grid adopts the internationally

popular bandwidth of 137cm. The through-hole area is large, which effectively

reduces the pressure difference of the oil separation core. The unique central stiffener

keeps the pressure resistance unchanged, but the overall structure is more robust.

6. Introduce advanced European and American equipment to complete the process of

buckling the side of the oil separator outside the net. The upper-end cover is used

for spinning so that the outer net has no solder joints. The product is aesthetically

pleasing and environmentally friendly.

7. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment from Europe and the

United States ensures that the filter paper of the foldable oil separation core does

not break, and the folding distance of the filter paper is uniform, tight, round and

reliable, ensuring product performance.


1. The conductivity of the oil separation core is very reliable. It is equipped with a

conductive sheet applying for national patent technology (patent number: 200920069035.5).

2. The unique bonding process is utilized to ensure that the end cap of the oil

separation core will never fall off.


Under normal operating conditions, the service life of the oil separation core is greater than 4000H.

Other Aftermarket Separator


Using lower quality filter materials, the oil content of the produced oil separation core is about 5 mg/m3, even higher than this value. The initial pressure difference when the oil separation core is saturated is higher than 0.02MPa.


1. The oil-separated core is manually wound with varying degrees of tightness, which

can easily cause the oil-separated core to run out of oil.

2. The network bandwidth of the oil separation core is only 90mm, the area of ​​the

through-hole is small, and the resistance is high, which makes the pressure difference

of the oil separat