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Established in the U.S.A and offering cutting-edge technology, Symflow Air supplies air compressor filtration and purification systems around the world. The global network includes Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.


“Delivering High-Efficiency Solutions for Clean Air Systems”

Symflow’s manufacturer is Apureda International, a leading supplier, of compressor filters and dryers, located in Shanghai, China. Through joint research and development with British, German, American, and other research institutions, the company launched a new generation of low-carbon freeze dryers in 2008. In 2011, Apureda partnered with the world’s most authoritative manufacturer of high-end dryers, the Dutch Delair Company, to produce various high-end suction dryers. 


Working with international lab institutions, Symflow has established a test center and laboratory test to ISO 8573 standards and manufacturing to meet ISO9000. The production line produces 8,000+ sets of various drying equipment and 230,000 units of high-precision filters annually. The products cover the drying of essential compressed air, such as pneumatic, air control, and gas transmission. Process gases such as biochemical, petrochemical, coal chemical, and other chemical process gas separation, and drying purification. CNG gas station, natural gas production, transportation, natural gas separation, drying, and purification. The primary product lines are the high-precision filter, self-cleaning suction filter, an advanced steam and water separator, oil and water separator pre-cooler, compressed air pre-cooling unit, industrial chiller, etc. 


We ensure competitive products with stable performance, reliability, quality, and environmentally sound impact. Our products are widely used in machinery, electronics, medicine, food, chemical, electric power, textiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, petroleum, metallurgy, and automobile industries. Apureda continues its commitment to developing products that are money-saving, reduce emissions, and protect the environment. 


Symflow Pipe is a leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel piping with multiple applications that include compressed air piping, water supply piping, gas piping, and solar energy piping. Our products meet ASTM  industry codes and standards and meet standard compliance for all positive and negative air, gas, and liquid applications. Symflow is devoted to developing and manufacturing the finest air and water piping systems in the business. 


 Apureda International Group holds a leading position in the compressed air purification industry and 20 years of deep technical expertise. With this advantage, SYMFLOW Pipe has quickly applied its Quick and Light Connection Technology (QLCT) to the industrial field. SYMFLOW continues to apply its advantages in the compressed air industry and extend the application to the fields of food, fire protection, medical, gas, etc., further expanding our product line.


Symflow’s newest generation of industrial-grade performance stainless steel piping systems meets all required and future industry standards and provides significant cost and time-saving advantages. Our Quick Compression Connection Technology and unique No Threading, No-Weld process exemplify the future of engineering in the compressed air industry. Symflow delivers a comprehensive line of Products and Custom Services to a broad range of industries that include drinking water, wastewater, and food processing. Our press-fit system ensures fast installation with minimum tools; Easy to Install, Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain.  



Symflow has provided superior craftsmanship for over 30 years. Our entire team is dedicated to working together to offer the highest quality products and delivering superior customer service. Our highly skilled professionals are ready to exceed your expectations.

Certificates and Awards

Quality Assurance Certificate 

Quality Management System in Conformity with 


Air Oil Separator wins Silver Award at the 

2006 Third International Fluid Machinery Exhibition in China

 2007 Utility Model Patent Certificate

2008 China Ship-building Industry Certification

2010 High-Technology Enterprise Certificate

2010 Comprehensive Strength Award  

Invention Patents - China

 2001 Air Filter Appearance Design Patent

2008 Condensing Purifier Patent

2010 Awarded Environmentally-Friendly Air Filter Patent

 2010 High-Temperature Condensing Purifier Patent

2010 Air Oil Separator Conducting Plate Patent

 2010 Pulse Blow Type Air Filter Patent

2010 Refrigerated Air Dryer Appearance Design Patent

2010 Refrigerated Air Dryer Patent

2010 Oil Water Separator Patent

2011 Air Oil Separator Inventive Patent

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