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Why Symflow OEM Equivalents Oil Filters?

Symflow OEM Equivalents Oil Filter


1. Use Hollingsworth & Vose filter medias.

2. Stiffness of the filter media. The filter paper has a uniform pore size distribution and better air permeability.


1. Symflow uses a special embossing process to ensure uniform folding distance and the highest comprehensive performance;

2. The filter paper is cured at a high temperature to enhance the overall performance of the filter material. The filter paper has better stiffness and can ensure the uniform pore size distribution of the filter paper and stable air permeability.


1. The initial pressure of the Symflow oil filter bypass valve is as high as 2.5bar. The bypass valve is a safety valve, which can effectively prevent the oil filter from clogging. The machine head is short of oil and causing a high-temperature shutdown.

2. Symflow uses advanced testing methods, the sealing edge is firm, and the overlap rate is as high as 75%. There is no oil leakage at the sealing edge.

3. To ensure the safety of the spin-on oil filter and withstand greater pressure, Symflow uses a threaded plate with a higher thickness. Take the spin-on oil filter of AO0901 as an example; the thickness of the threaded plate is 4mm, and the total weight of the product is as high as 820g, which is consistent with well-known foreign brands, and some are even slightly heavier.


The service life of single-layer filter media products can reach about 2000H.

The service life of multi-layer filter media products can reach about 3500H.

Other Aftermarket Separator


Most use low quality filter materials. The filter area of ​​the product is small. Taking the AO0901 spin-on oil filter as an example, the filtration area of similar aftermarket spin-on oil filters is only about 70% of Symflow OEM filters.


There is no special imprinting, low curing temperature, or direct use of non-cured filter paper. The performance of the product is extremely unstable.


1. The pressure of the bypass valve of similar domestic products is only about 0.8-1 bar for Symflow products—oil damage. It is easy to cause damage to the head and oil of the air compressor

2. Lack of effective detection means and low overlap rate will cause oil leakage at the edge of the product.

3. The thickness of the threaded plate of aftermarket products is mostly 2.5-3mm. The weight of the aftermarket spin-on oil filter of the same size is only 700g and 660g.

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