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Advantages of SymPipe’s Thin-walled Stainless Steel Pipe vs. Schedule 5S Press-Fit Pipe

Updated: May 21, 2021

Sympipe’s thin-walled stainless steel SymPress connections are rated to higher working pressure and temperature than the competition. The weakest point in a piping system is the seal between the connector and the pipe, so the whole system's working pressure and temperature cannot exceed that of the seal. This allows Sympipe to use thinner pipe walls than other companies because the pipe itself is not the determining factor in the piping system's performance. Because SymPress piping is thinner than the competition, it contains less material and thus weighs less. Sympipe’s thinner pipe wall design with a higher pressure rating (Max 232PSI) improves cost efficiency in transportation and installation and improves thermal efficiency without compromising its superior strength and durability.

For instance, some competitors only rate to 200 psi at 250F, whereas SymPress is rated to 232 psi at 392F. Even though a competitor's pipe is thicker at 5S Schedule, they can't rate their pipe any higher than the seal is rated. As a result, Sympipe is more efficient because the weak point in the system is the seal; therefore, it is unnecessary to have a thick pipe wall that can withstand super high pressure. This makes SymPress pipe more efficient in terms of material mass per foot of pipe while being rated higher than the thicker and heavier competitor’s pipe.

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