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Air Oil Separator (Spin-On with Pre-Assembled Base)

Air Oil Separator (Spin-On with Pre-Assembled Base)

Spin-on Air/Oil Separator with Pre-Assembled Base should be installed in areas where it can be easily repaired and removed. The Spin-On Air/Oil Separator assembly fits vertically or is fixed to the back of the pressure tank. The use of 6x1 steel or stainless steel is recommended. The oil return tube should be installed on top of the screw connection. The oil return tube is provided by the customer. These elements are somewhat limited in the application of air flow capacity (35-176CFM).

Apureda International Group, the parent company of Symflow, is the largest manufacturer of separators and air filter-elements in China, supplying a full range of innovative and high-performance filtration system solutions. Our new generation of compressor filters consistently outperforms competing filter systems. 

Using rich testing data, filter element structure innovation, high-end filter materials and filter material allocation we have designed a new generation of filtration.  The service life of the Pleated Plus Wrapped structure filters is two times longer than conventional filter elements.

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