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In-Line Filter-HF

In-Line Filter-HF

Contaminants, such as moisture and dust particles, are in the uncompressed atmosphere. Each cubic meter of air includes approximately 140 million solid particles. After compression, the oil and particles enter the compressed air - dust, water and oil particles need to be removed. The Symflow Compressed Air Filters and Coalescing Filters are equipped with a differential pressure gauge and automatic drain valve. The choice of 5 element grades allows you to design a system that delivers the air quality you require.

• DPI (Differential Pressure Indicator)

• Compact size

• Higher flow rate

• Higher filter efficiency

• Designed Service Life: up to 3000 hours (Disclaimer: Designed service life is under Standard Pressure and regular Working Condition)

• High particle holding capacity

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Convenient filter change

• Each grade is tested to ISO8573 in our QA procedures.

Apureda International Group, the parent company of Symflow, is the largest manufacturer of separators and air filter elements in China, supplying a full range of innovative and high-performance filtration system solutions. Our new generation of compressor filters consistently outperforms competing filter systems.

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