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(Coming Soon) High Temp Air Cooling Refrigerated Air Dryer

(Coming Soon) High Temp Air Cooling Refrigerated Air Dryer

Working Condition & Parameters


Air Inlet Temp : 35.6~176 F

Pressure Dew Point:  35.6~50 F

Pressure Loss: <=4.35PSi

Ambient Temp: 35.6~100 F

Air Inlet Pressure: 58~145 PSI

Cooling: Air Cooled

Standard Working Condition

Air Inlet Temp: 149 F

Air Inlet Pressure : 101.5 PSI (g)

 Refrigerated air dryers are more popular and economical in the  compressor post-treatment equipment field. Apureda air dryers are designed with front-line technology and processed with imported parts. Our air dryers work with all  air compressors to remove the water in compressed air. The pressure dew point is 2-10C.


When the temperature drops, the moisture content in compressed air also drops,  and then captured water is converted into liquid water. This is the working principle of refrigeration air dryers. After the vapor water in compressed air becomes liquid water, which is separated by the air/water separator and exhausted by the drain valve, then dry compressed air is sent to the terminal.

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