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Reducing Straight  Adapter

Reducing Straight Adapter

  • Quick connection technology, no welding, no threading

  • Thinner pipe wall design, saving energy

  • Wide Size Range 1 ½” – 12” in 4 grade: 304/304L/316/316L

  • A flameless and clean safety work

  • Standard compliant for all gas and liquids

  • Lifetime 70+ years

Quick Compression Connection – Bounded Gasket



Quick Compression Connection technology is based on the principle of effective rigidity of metal materials and the elastic compression ratio of sealing materials. While making full use of the length of pipe to pipe joints, two sides of the U-shaped groove and gasket are sealed with press tools.

The connection between the pipe and the fitting is compressed into two hexagons, which achieves the surface fixation and comprehensive anti-locking, thereby significantly improving its anti-pulling and anti-rotation ability. The use of advanced O-rings, strict control of the seals' physical properties, and the effective protection of Double Security (DS) for a permanent closure.

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