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304/316 Stainless Bare Pipe

304/316 Stainless Bare Pipe

Symflow Pipe is a global leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel piping with multiple applications that include compressed air piping, water supply piping, gas piping, and solar energy piping. Symflow Pipe is devoted to developing and manufacturing the finest gas and fluid piping systems in the business.


Symflow Pipe’s newest generation of stainless-steel piping systems meet all requirements and industry standards and provide significant cost and time-savings advantages. Our Quick Compression Connection- Bounded Gasket Technology (QCC-BG) and unique Weld-Free and Thread-Free processes exemplify the future of engineering in the compressed air industry. Symflow delivers a comprehensive line of Products and Customer Services to a broad range of industries that include drinking water, wastewater, and food processing.

Offering cutting-edge technology, Symflow supplies air and gas compressor filtration and purification systems around the world. Our global network includes Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 

Private Branding is our strength.  Large or small volume production of the products in this brochure is our specialty. In addition, our extensive engineering capability and flexible manufacturing can turn your specific need into reality.

Our long history working with industry distribution has also enabled Symflow to offer Aftermarket products.  Please see the attached cross-reference list. 

Symflow air filters replace all major brands of OEM and replacement filters for a variety of applications and warranties. Please check the current cross-reference lists for filter models that meet your requirements.

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