Air Oil Separator (Multi Media)

Air Oil Separator (Multi Media)

  1. Applies for the condition with lower and single structure separation efficiency.

  2. Applies for the compressor under large flow rate at low pressure

  3. The displayed items are only for partial modes

  4. OEM is available

Symflow premium quality Separators provide outstanding compressed air. The Separator is the key component to ensure outlet air quality from the oil-injected screw compressor and oil immersed vane compressor.


Suspended particles are removed with Nano-grade fiberglass materials. Selecting fiberglass with a suitable diameter and thickness is necessary. In this case, the Nano-grade filter material will efficiently settle the oil mist through a blocking, colliding, diffusing, and collecting operation. The oil mist quickly collects to form an oil drop. The oil drop passes through the filter layer pushed by  pneumatic force and gravity and  collects at the filter sump.   Finally, it returns to the lubrication system from the oil return tube port at the filter's bottom.