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Air Oil separator (Wrapped)

Air Oil separator (Wrapped)

Symflow premium quality Separators provide outstanding compressed air. The Separator is the key component to ensure outlet air quality from the oil-injected screw compressor and oil immersed vane compressor. Suspended particles are removed with nano-grade fiberglass materials. It is essential to select fiberglass with a suitable diameter and thickness. In this case, the nano-grade filter collecting operation. The oil drop passes through the filter layer pushed by pneumatic force and gravity and collects at the filter stump. Finally, it returns to the lubrication system from the oil return tube port at the filter’s bottom.

Initial Pressure Drop 2.9PSI (0.2 bar) Remaining Oil Content: 2PPM Withstands Temperatures to: 250°F Installation: Vertical, Horizontal Designed Service Life: 3000 hours *Disclaimer: Designed service life is under Standard Pressure and regular Working Conditions. 

Remarks: 1. The nominal flow rate is tested under 100Psi. 2. For flow rate >1340CFM, please confirm cross reference and other information with the manufacturer’s or customer’s specifications prior to ordering. 3. Below are the Conventional Models, Private branding and OEM upon request.

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