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Air Inlet Filter Elements

Air Inlet Filter Elements

The Multi-phase 132U nanometer filtration material used in Symflow filters, exclusively developed by Apureda and HV(Hollingsworth & Vose), has been designed with type “W” materials containing high polymer implanted technology. These materials meet the high demands of tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength, precision, and weather fastness. The accuracy of nanometer melt-blown membranes exceeds market standards. Symflow air filters can be restored using this unique material after blowback treatment, and with proper maintenance, maintain a service life of up to 3000 hours.

Apureda International Group, the parent company of Symflow, is the largest manufacturer of separators and air filter elements in China, supplying a full range of innovative and high-performance filtration system solutions. Our new generation of compressor filters consistently outperforms competing filter systems.

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