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Why Symflow OEM Equivalents Air Filters?

Symflow OEM Equivalents Air Filter


Symflow Air Filters use a new generation of ultra fine material and Hollingsworth & Vose air filter material. The filter material has smooth surface characteristics, low basis weight, fine fiber, ultra fine fiber, and small pore size. The finer the fiber, the more fibers contained in the filter paper per unit quantity, the smaller pore size, the denser the number of overlapping layers, the higher the efficiency, and the greater the dust holding capacity. The filtration efficiency of the product can reach the nanometer level.


The initial pressure difference is less than 0.2kpa.


Service life up to 2000H under normal working conditions. Nano-scale air filtration reaches 4000H or higher.


  • PU rubber end caps & sealing rings are made of materials with good reducibility

  • Excellent craftsmanship

  • Provides clean air to prevent premature wear

  • Reduces the loss of air volume

  • The initial pressure difference is smaller

  • Maintains a high level of rigidity for an extended period

  • Prevents the generation of carbon deposits and sludge

  • Protects the air compressor equipment and air source at the final gas end

  • Reduces air filter failure due to increased sludge, oil differential pressure, oil filter blockage

  • In the large air filter and dust removal air filter, the winding glue injection process replaces the previous metal structure, significantly extending the air filter's service life and improving efficiency

Other Aftermarket Separator


The aftermarket filter material is made of ordinary plant fiber or moderate precision fiber—small ash capacity, easy to suck and break, low efficiency. The accuracy is not enough.


The initial resistance is less than 0.3kpa.


The sealing material is below average. It does not work on ultra-fine particle filtration, allowing the particles to damage equipment. There are many equipment failures and high maintenance costs.

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